Re-fresh with a range of injectable treatments

We’ve got your Summer re-fresh covered with a range of injectable treatments

Although Summer has yet to provide us with the sunshine we’re craving, there’s no doubt things are looking up! With lock-down restrictions easing, predicted heatwaves en-route and the possibility of it truly coming home. Our social calendars are jam packed with plans, holidays and events to make up for lost time! So, what better way to give yourself a post lockdown re-fresh than with our incredible injectable treatments.

Who said holidays were the only time to treat yourself? We’re all about pro-longing the treats! With us you can achieve your holiday glow before you’ve even considered packing! Pretty dreamy right?

It’s no secret the past year has been a tough on us all, our bodies and skin have taken a toll. Now is your time to freshen up and gain a spring back in your step! Whether it’s back to the office, friends BBQ or a Pimms in the park, no event or occasion is small enough to get you feeling and looking fab!


Finding the right treatment for you

Here at The Cosmetic Centre, we offer a wide range of injectable treatments to refresh your overall appearance and rejuvenate your skin. Take a look at the following treatments to discover which may suit your needs best.

Botox® – Wave goodbye to wrinkles and hello to smoother skin. Our Anti-ageing injections target lines and wrinkles by relaxing the muscle movement which helps to soften wrinkles. At our clinics we only ever use genuine Allergan Botox®, maximising patient safety and satisfaction which are both always top of our priorities!

Lip Fillers – Achieve the Summer pout of your dreams with our high-quality Juvéderm filler. Infused with hyaluronic acid to give your lips the ultimate plump look whilst keeping them nourished and hydrated. Our experts work their magic to deliver an enhanced natural look which lasts between 6-12 months. Pucker up as we’re taking booking and have your perfect lips covered!

Facial contouring – Using dermal fillers in a variety of areas such as: jaw, chin and around the mouth to plump out deep skin folds whilst also enhancing and sculpting the face giving an overall lifting effect.  Revealing instant definition which continues to develop over the following weeks.

Tear Trough – Targeted solely for the eye area, Tear Trough treatments are set to brighten the appearance of your under eye area. A natural, brighter look can last between 9-12 months, leaving you rejuvenation nearly all year round!

Skin Booster – Redensity 1 is a skin booster which improves the hydration and appearance of your skin. With added key ingredients including hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants it is a great choice to improve the texture and rejuvenate your skin.


Start your Summer transformation today

And of course, we’re always on hand to help! With expert professionals only a call away we offer FREE consultations so we can match you to the correct treatments and ensure you achieve your desired results.

To achieve a stunning glow and awaken your skin, get in contact with one of our friendly team members today!

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