Earlobe Repair (Split or Stretched Earlobes)

A common treatment undergone by those who have had tribal earpieces which has stretched or split the area and are now looking to tighten the lobe, those who have experienced trauma or those who have split or stretched the area with continued use of heavy earrings.

Treatment Options for Earlobe Repair:

Here at The Cosmetic Centre we offer a variety of different treatment options which will be discussed at your consultation including:

·        Split earlobe repair: a surgical procedure under local anaesthetic removing excess tissue and using dissolvable stitches to attach the two sides together, minimal downtime and quick treatment time.


·        Stretched earlobe repair: similar to the split procedure, the practitioner will remove any excess tissue which will cause a split to then stitch both sides together with dissolvable stitches.  

How much does Earlobe Repair cost?

The cost of treatment starts at £600 for one lobe and £900 for two, your patient coordinator and practitioner will discuss this with you upon booking.

Where is your clinic based?

Our CQC registered clinic is based in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire.

What is the downtime for Earlobe Repair?

There is minimal downtime expected for this procedure. All aftercare will be discussed in your consultation and post treatment. 

Can I pierce my ears after this treatment?

Yes, you are able to re pierce your ears 2 months after treatment.

Who will be performing my procedure?

Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Medical Director of The Cosmetic Centre Mr Adrian Richards will be performing this treatment within our Buckinghamshire clinic.

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Before & Afters of Earlobe Repair

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