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Polynucleotides Skin Booster

What you need to know about Polynucleotides

Polynucletodies are relatively new and provide such beautiful yet natural skin results, that they’re being referred to as ‘tweakments’ as opposed to treatments. Since they contain no dermal filler and only ingredients that are found in your natural skin, it is the perfect treatment for those looking for a natural radiant result, to restore the youth and brightness to your complexion. 


What makes polynucleotides so diverse, is that they can be used on other areas of the body not just the face, such as the hands, knees, necks, and décollage. A polynucleotide treatment in any of these areas instantly firms the skin, smoothing out any fine lines, and hydrating the skin to appear plumper and more youthful. Polynucleotides are different from every other skin booster, as they’re biostimulators. This means that they trigger the regenerative process in your skin, so rather than just hydrating your skin with all of these ingredients, polynucleotides essentially act as a food or medicine for your skin to make it produce collagen or elastin.

The Benefits Of polynucleotides

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  • Stimulates collagen synthesis

  • Restores skin firmness

  • Improve skin texture

  • Minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Boosts collagen levels

  • Youthful glowy complexion

All Polynucleotide treatments are administered by registered medical professionals.

How Do Polynucleotide Treatments Work?

Polynucleotides are an injectable treatment in order to reach the deepest tissues and layers of skin. You can decide on specific areas of your complexion to have injected if you have specific skin concerns, e.g. the forehead or underye areas. As the skin around the eye area is much thinner and sensitive it is an alternative solution to treatments like tear trough filler. Not only this, but skin boosters can also help with skin conditions such as acne and scarring. 


Your clinician will first ask you of any skin complaints or issues you have with your skin, to decide whether or not this treatment is suitable for you. Once decided and areas of injections are mapped out on your face, the skin booster will be injected into your skin tissue. Results will not be immediate as there is potential for slight bruising or redness at the injection site, but you should start to see skin improvements within a few days. We do however advise like with all skin boosters that you have a course of 3 to achieve maximum results. 


Skin boosters typically last for around 6 months per treatment, so we recommend having at least 2 per year in order to see a difference in your skin. You will see immediate results from your treatment, although results look much clearer 1 week post-treatment.

Side Effects

Side effects from skin boosters are minimal as they require minimal invasiveness. You may experience slight redness, bruising, or puffiness at the injection sites depending on where you choose to have your treatment.


You can resume typical activities 24 hours after your treatment. We advise refraining from any strenuous activities immediately after treatment and avoiding applying makeup or products on or around the injection sites.

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