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We all have different skin from one another, that’s what makes us all so unique! So, each of our skin requires different attention in different areas.

We have a long list of incredible treatments which achieve amazing, desired results. Best of all we provide FREE skin consultations and assessments so we can identify the best treatment for you.

Here’s a rundown of common skin issues which may be a concern to you:


Rosacea – Rosacea presents itself in numerous forms such as persistent redness, visible blood vessels, large pores or small inflamed pus-filled spots. Rosacea can often be mistaken as acne, eczema, or dermatitis so it’s important you get it diagnosed correctly to find the most suitable treatment options. It’s vital to be aware of Rosacea as it can occur in all skin types and it’s crucial you seek professional advice as soon as symptoms appear.

Our recommendation: CPL can be a great solution to help to manage your rosacea flare ups


Ageing – The ageing process accelerates at the age of 25! Skin ageing is a natural degenerative process caused by intrinsic and extrinsic factors. UV exposure is one of the quickest forms of skin ageing as it damages the collagen and elastin in your skin. Smoking and poor lifestyle choices can also play a large part in this.

Our recommendation: Injectable treatments, skin boosters and skin rejuvenation treatments are all important to tackle the signs of ageing. Remember your SPF 50 is a daily must as the sun causes over 90% of your skin’s ageing.


Pigmentation – Pigmentation is the slight discoloration where areas of the skin look a darker shade than the rest of your skin.  Also known as dark spots, age spots or sunspots, pigmentation happens when your skin produces more melanin than normal, this can be caused by hormones, excessive amounts of sun and past acne spots.

Our recommendation: CPL, skin peels and the correct skin care products can all help to improve your pigmentation


Dry/dull skin – Dry skin is characterised as dry and flaky usually accompanied with a dull complexion. It often enhances the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin with a rough, uneven texture. Dry skin can often be seen in more mature skin types where there is a reduction of laxity. It can also lead to sensitivity and redness.

Our recommendation: Our Aqua pure facial or microdermabrasion with the correct clinical skin care products can really make improvements for dull skin.


Congestion and acne – When left untreated congested skin can lead to black heads, acne breakouts, large pores, and a greasy look. Congested skin can be caused by incorrect use of products, hereditary factors, incorrect skincare regime, and lifestyle choices.

Our recommendation: Aqua pure facial, skin peels and the correct skin care products are ideal to combat congested skin


Hair loss – Thinning hair or hair loss can come as quite a fright to some, but it is also very common in both women and men. Hair loss can be down to a number of factors like stress, change in diet, ageing and genetics. Our hair rejuvenation treatments and Viviscal are clinically proven to increase hair growth at phenomenal speeds.

Our recommendation: PRP for the scalp and viviscal professional daily tablets.


Hair removal – Removing unwanted hairs is a lengthy tiresome process, that’s why millions of people across the world have turned to laser hair removal to help dramatically reduce the appearance of hair, helping to combat ingrown hairs and shadowing.

Our recommendation: Laser hair removal or Electrolysis


Milia & skin tags – A milia is a small white bump which typically appears on the nose or cheeks, they occur when keratin is trapped underneath the skin. Skin tags are often small growths on the surface of the skin formed from loose collagen fibres and blood vessels. Although both milias and skin tags are often harmless they can cause us to feel slightly self-conscious or irritated.

Our recommendation: Electrolysis treatment which uses a very small needle to banish a range of blemishes.


Mole removal – A common skin concern for many, moles can be easily removed as a minor op, with minimal downtime. It’s important to note that before undergoing removal your area of concern should be checked over by your GP to ensure they are harmless. The procedure is undertaken by the one and only Mr Adrian Richards, so you can rest easy knowing you’re in the safest hands!


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