Revolutionary Eye Rejuvenation Treatments

Wake up your eyes with our revolutionary eye rejuvenation treatments

Tired of dull eyes? Fatigued skin? This delicate area can be one we’ve all tried countless of solutions for with minimal change. Well, stop your search! As we can put a halt to your tiresome hunt with a range of eye rejuvenation treatments that will revitalize your skin in no time.

Keeping our eye area looking and feeling hydrated and smooth is no easy task, as the skin around them is much thinner than the skin on the rest of our face and therefore more vulnerable to ageing, dark circles and puffiness.

For many this can be a sensitive subject and often leave us feeling self-conscious. This is understandable as our eyes can be a favourite feature. As we get used to regularly wearing face masks our eyes are becoming our first impression and focal point. So we want them looking as fresh as possible!


What are the symptoms for eyes which may need rejuvenation?


Dark Circles – Are a common trait and often caused by lack of sleep, iron deficiency, ageing, genetics, dehydration, and sun damage.


Sagging skin – Over time our collagen and elastin levels slow down which previously would keep our skin-tight and taut, this can be spend up further by genetics, ageing and overexposure to the sun.


Puffiness – Whilst ageing, tissues and muscles around our eyes weaken, where normal fats which helped support the eyes then move into the lower eyelids, causing a puffy appearance.


Wrinkles – Wrinkles around the eye area are a natural and common sign of ageing as skin cells loose collagen and reduce their ability to renew themselves, as well as decades of facial expressions.


So, what can be done?

Well, it’s important to bear in mind no solution happens overnight! If these symptoms are a concern to you, we recommend the following treatments:


PRP – Plasma Rich Platelets (PRP) is a god send treatment if you suffer with dark circles under your eyes. The innovative procedure is all the rage and a Hollywood favourite! PRP reintroduces your own blood back into the skin’s tissue, this not only rejuvenates and promotes new healthy cells but heals damaged ones too. For best results we advise 3 sessions to maximise the treatments benefits.


Tear Trough – Targeted solely for the eye area, Tear Trough treatments are set to re-freshen your whole overall appearance. A small needle is used to inject the under-eye area with dermal filler..  A natural, brighter look can last between 9-12 months, leaving you rejuvenated nearly all year round!


Skin Booster – Rederm is a skin boost which regenerates skin as the injected solution is infused with hyaluronic and succinic acid to stimulate and brighten under the eyes. The results? Improved skin moisture, quality, and laxity.


Mono PDO Threads – Mono threads are a type of PDO thread lift which can act as a minimally invasive facelift, Mono threads target areas to increase skin tightness and stimulate collagen.


Microneedling – Microneedling stimulates natural collagen which will refresh and rejuvenate the appearance around your eyes. It can reduce wrinkles, fine lines, diminish scarring and tighten ageing skin.

Our expert recommended product for the eye area:

EYN Refine Intensive Eye Cream Refine is an intensive eye serum which actively works to rejuvenate and repair the signs of ageing. Containing a unique blend of ingredients including vitamin E to hydrate, almond oil to repair and lactic acid to diminish the appearance of crow’s feet.


Our take-away top tips

  • Always apply SPF 50 everyday.
  • Use products and treatments that encourage collagen and cell turn over.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking AT LEAST 2 litres of water a day.
  • Ensure you’re getting between 7-8 hours’ sleep a night.

After incredible results? Let’s get you booked in!

We have a wide range of treatment options to promote skin rejuvenation around the eye area, for optimum results we recommend creating a treatment plan with our expert practitioners to ensure you achieve the most flawless results possible!


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