Plasma Rich Platelets (PRP)

PRP reintroduces your own blood back into the skin’s tissue, which rejuvenates and promotes new healthy cells whilst healing damaged ones.

How long do PRP results last?

For best and long lasting results we recommend a course of 3 to start then the skin rejuvenation is naturally on going so you may want to have maintenance treatments from then on, once a year. Our experts are more than happy to discuss a treatment plan to best suit your needs and wants from the procedure as well as your skin type.

How does PRP work?


Unlike traditional cosmetic procedures PRP is revolutionising the aesthetic world, in an unconventional way. Firstly, your blood is taken like a normal blood test, then spun into a system which separates the platelet-rich plasma from the other blood elements creating a high concentration. This is then reintroduced to your body to increase collagen, cell growth, and improve your blood supply and results in younger fresher looking skin.

Are there any side effect with PRP?

Following the procedure, there may be some slight tenderness and redness, however these symptoms will dissipate quickly. 

What does PRP treatment improve?

PRP improves the following:

Reduces Fine Lines/Wrinkles

Skin Rejuvenation

Cell Growth




What is the aftercare for PRP?

We recommend that any vigorous activity or exercise is avoided for the first 24-48 hours following the procedure. It is also advised to not touch the area treated after your appointment and to hold of applying makeup on the area 24 hours post procedure. Also avoid extensive amounts of sun or heat for 72 hours.

How much is PRP?

PRP starts from £145 per session or 3 sessions for £400. You can view all of our pricing here.


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