Discover Why PRP Is One Of Our Most Popular Treatment

Our must try rejuvenation treatment, PRP, is all the rage! From Hollywood favourites to the Kardashians’ clan the ‘Vampire Facial’ is a fantastic option for those of you after a full-face rejuvenation that won’t cost the earth.

What is PRP

PRP stands for Plasma Rich Platelets, unlike traditional cosmetic procedures PRP is revolutionising the aesthetic world, in an unconventional way. The process consists of a small sample of blood taken from your arm which is then spun in a centrifuge machine. This separation process enables the platelet-rich plasma ‘good plasma’ to be used in a higher concentration . This is then reintroduced to your skin which by using your own healing system helps to increase collagen and improve cell growth which results in even, fresher looking skin.


PRP for hair regrowth

PRP injections are a clinically proven rejuvenation treatment for hair loss as they regenerate and promote hair growth. Hair follicles survive on the nutrition they get from the blood supply therefore, reintroducing platelets encourage healthy hair growth as well a thicker quality of hair. Choosing PRP treatment for hair growth boasts the following benefits: Natural looking results, minimal risk, no downtime required.


PRP benefits

  • Reduces fine lines/wrinkles
  • Improves skin complexion/texture
  • Tightens the skin
  • Reveals a younger, firmer appearance
  • Promotes hair growth in targetted areas
  • Improves moisture retention
  • Natural process
  • Long lasting results

Achieve long-lasting results

For best and long-lasting results, we recommend a course of 3 to start with. A skin rejuvenation is natural ongoing cycle we recommend annual maintenance treatments from then. Our experts are more than happy to discuss a treatment plan to best suit your needs and wants from the procedure as well as your skin type.

PRP starts from £145 per session or 3 for £400

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