Incredible patient journey with us at The Cosmetic Centre

From not putting herself first to glowing with confidence, the beautiful Bev talks us through her incredible journey with us at The Cosmetic Centre. Take a look at her stunning transformation.

Wedding season is amongst us and we’re HERE for it!

After a long-awaited delay of celebrations, it’s great to see so many amazing weddings, small and large going ahead. No matter the scale, the big day can often seem daunting with lots to plan and certain pressures on how to look, after all it’s a day to remember for the rest of our lives. For one of our beautiful patients, Bev, this was no exception, after numerous serious operations Bev was on a mission to put herself first for a change and reclaim her confidence. Our experienced Dr Olha helped her do exactly that and more!

Bev came to our Nottinghamshire clinic over 2 years ago and began her journey with an in-depth consultation by Dr Olha. After having reservations about cosmetic procedures due to worrying that results may look unnatural, Dr Olha quickly reassured her that if done correctly and holistically results can be subtle confidence boosters. Bev was not alone in that fear as many of our patients share the same reservation when starting their own patient journey with us and can be shocked when we show just how natural aesthetics can be.

Having carried out extensive research across other companies Bev came to the decision to choose The Cosmetic Centre as natural results is our forte. By opting for a treatment plan Bev was able to achieve sought after results over the course of time which was right for her, as she was after no sudden or drastic changes. This also helped to keep the essence of her whilst producing incredible skin rejuvenation and youthful results. One of Bev’s most valued aspects of her journey that our team listened to what she wanted to achieve and made it happen without forcing any extra or unneeded treatments on her, every treatment had a purpose, and she was over the moon with the results!

Having come on an incredible journey with our amazing practitioner Dr Olha, Bev wanted to feel and look the best she possibly could on her wedding day, and she absolutely achieved that and more. The treatments gave her immense confidence to feel the greatest she’s ever felt about herself and to take that confidence to her wedding day is phenomenal. We think you’ll agree that Bev looks absolutely stunning in these heart-warming pictures which really do speak a thousand words.

Prior to her treatment journey Bev had planned a small intimate wedding day of around 7 guests, however after growing in confidence Bev decided to opt for a celebration of over 40 guests with more in the evening reception and couldn’t be happier with the day.

Bev put’s the ease of her big day down to the rejuvenation and enhancements already being in place. Proving that investing in your skin is one of the best investments you can make to look and feel confident.

The 52-year-old stated she now feels 20 years younger thanks to Dr Olhas work and we couldn’t agree more. Bev continues to have ‘tweakments’ to maintain her youthful appearance and glowing confidence and says to anyone who is thinking about having a treatment to have a consultation and start feeling better about yourself as it’s so nice to feel good.

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