Microsclerotherapy clinic to the rescue

What is Microsclerotherapy

Our Microsclerotherapy clinics are always popular amongst our clients as it is no longer offered through the NHS, meaning many patients come to us with similar concerns. So, you might be wondering what exactly is microsclerotherapy is? Rightly so with a long name like that! But don’t be intimidated by its long name (sclero for short), as it’s here to answer all your spider veins prayers, packing a lot of power and magic! Sclero is injected into thread veins AKA spider veins and vanishes them quickly and effectively. Many of our beautiful patients are amazed at how effective clearance of the veins are after hiding their legs for years and years! That’s exactly what we’re here for, to Restore your confidence and have you feeling as incredible as possible!


Sclero specialists to the rescue

In fact spider veins are so common amongst the population, that’s why we offer our specialist sclero expert – Gaynor, exclusively in our Buckinghamshire clinic. Sclero is a highly specialised technique which we feel deserves the best in the biz! Despite a common concern for many, a relatively low percentage of aesthetic clinics offer this treatment, so we’re thrilled to be able to help those of you with this concern.


Who can it help?

If you’ve tried numerous attempts at quick fixes and fads and had no joy in results (we’re not surprised!) then Microsclerotherapy is your long-term answer to keep these pesky veins at bay. Sclero treatment is best used on the body as we recommend other options such as intense pulsed light (IPL) for the face which we offer in the clinic. Unfortunately, sclero cannot treat varicose veins and we recommend being referred to a vascular specialist if you suffer from these.


How is it performed?

Sclero treatment is relatively pain free depending on your own tolerance. An extremely thin needle is injected into the vein where a small amount of sclerosant is delivered, this liquid then destroys the vein.


How many sessions should I have?

Many of our patients notice an instant difference with improvements after a few days, some completely disappear within the following 2-3 weeks. Others may need numerous treatments and maintenance there after depending on the stubbornness of the vein. For best and long-lasting results our experts recommend a course of 2-3 treatments along with maintenance top ups appropriately.


When is best to have it?

What better time to start your sclero journey! Our experts always recommend having this treatment carried out in autumn/winter so you’re ready to flaunt around spider vein free in the spring/summer! You will also be required to wear hosiery post treatment to optimise the results so perfect for extra warmth in the winter or as a substitute to your usual tights.


Let’s get you booked in!

If your spider veins have got you down previously then we’re here to help and put an end to them! With monthly microsclerotherapy clinics delivered by the fantastic Gaynor you’ll forget all about them and discover a more confident you.

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