Before embarking on new treatment or skincare routines, the best way to start is by coming in for a one-to-one skin or injectable consultation with one of our practitioners. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your skin concerns in more detail and receive the best advice for optimum results. The practitioners can then guide you on what treatments will benefit you the most, creating a plan so that your goals can be reached by the big day.

It is important to leave yourself enough time when planning your treatments, as the best results will always be achieved when being consistent with a course. Most of our treatments recommend a minimum of three treatments to see optimal results, and these can have several weeks in between. The results seen from a singular treatment would only be temporary, therefore it is best to complete the course of treatment recommended by the practitioner to maintain and better these results.

It is always important to accompany skin or injectable treatments with a good skincare routine, as 80% of your results will be due to your homecare, and just 20% from treatment! When starting new products, it is key to be consistent with these for 6 weeks at the very least. It is very easy to introduce a new product to your skincare regime, feel like you’re not noticing an improvement quick enough, and then stop using it altogether. It takes approximately 30 days for the superficial layer of the skin to turn over just once, therefore you need to allow several weeks to really gauge how a product is improving your skin. It takes even longer to see how the product has a biological effect on the deeper levels of the skin, so starting your new products early is key to having clear and radiant skin for your event.

We also have a range of injectable treatments available to reduce fine lines and wrinkles or revolumise the mid and lower face. This is also another aspect that you need to allow time for. We recommend you have injectables at least 2-4 weeks before a big event in case of possible bruising. As well as this, anti-wrinkle injections take approximately 2 weeks to take effect, and dermal fillers continue to develop and settle for 4 weeks after injection.

When you only have a couple of weeks before your event, a treatment like the AquaPure facial is an amazing option to freshen and brighten the skin. This multi-step rejuvenating facial combines a light peel, hydration, skin tightening and cooling or heating to target your skin concerns. This can be done in the week leading up to your special occasion and is also a great option to implement in between other courses of treatment to keep the skin looking its best.

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If you’re looking to have treatment prior to an important event book in for a consultation and we can help you feel and look better for your important day!

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