AQUAPURE treatment

"The Ultimate Skincare Treatment"

The Aqua Facial is a bespoke step system facial working on skin imperfections and generating an all round glow through its deep cleansing technologies.

What is the AQUAPURE facial?

The AQUAPURE has been designed for customization, with multiple functions that make it possible to treat a diverse range of patient needs. The different functions can be combined to perform a complete AQUAPURE treatment or modified based on the patient’s specific needs.

Can I have the AQUAPURE facial?

The AQUAPURE treatment is designed for patients of all skin types and tones; even individuals with sensitive skin. Treatments serve to restore overall healthy and bright facial complexions. The multi-functionality of the AQUAPURE allows for treatments that can be customized to address the specific dermatological needs of every patient.

How much does AQUAPURE cost?

The cost of AQUAPURE is £75 for a bespoke step system we do however recommend a minimum course of 3 for optimum results, this is something that will be discussed upon consultation with prices outlined. Please note prices will differ depending on the tier of treatment chosen and product.

When will I see results?

After a single treatment with the AQUAPURE, patients may notice immediate changes to their skin and see a reversing trend from damaged or wrinkled skin. It is recommended that the patient receive multiple sessions on a consistent basis to manage a healthier lifestyle regimen for healthier skin.

Will I need to prepare my skin before the treatment?

Before arriving for your AQUAPURE treatment there are no special requirements other than removing makeup from your face prior to the actual treatment session. Following the treatment, there are no further requirements necessary. Patients may apply makeup immediately after treatment and return to their daily routine.

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