Incredible Patient Story – Tanya Louise

Incredible Patient Story - Tanya Louise

Incredible Patient Story - Tanya Louise

It’s always so rewarding and great to see how our aesthetic treatments are changing peoples lives both visually and mentally. That’s exactly what our incredible practitioner Dr Olha Vorodyukhina was able to do for her beautiful patient Tanya Louise. Tanya fought and beat cancer twice but she didn’t let the devastating news get her down.


Tanya’s story

In 2016 Tanya Louise was sadly diagnosed with breast cancer. Finding it hard to take the devastating news in, she reluctantly followed the doctors treatment plans. They advised a double mastectomy removing all tissue therefore minimising the risk of cancer returning. After going through months of chemotherapy, Tanya really didn’t feel good. It was really affecting her as she was losing her long hair and felt stripped of her femininity.

In 2017, Tanya beat cancer after the doctors deemed the treatments she was going through a success. This was her second chance at life. She started to put her traumatic experience behind her and rebuild her life back. After having a 5% chance of the cancer returning, the worst happened. In 2019 Tanya found another lump. At first, she thought she was being paranoid but it was in fact cancer. Tanya underwent breast reconstruction surgery and opted for using a cold cap during chemotherapy so that her hair didn’t fall out. After thirteen rounds of radiotherapy Tanya’s treatment was complete and doctors were confident she had won the war with cancer. The treatment really took a toll on Tanya. She felt constantly drained, had achy joints and the treatments caused her skin to look tired and start to sag. Not to mention throughout this tough time, Tanya was also going through a divorce. The combination of both the disease and the divorce really drained Tanya and took everything out of her.

Tanya came across our incredible practitioner Dr Olha Vorodyukhina. Dr Olha was able to really able to boost Tanya’s self esteem through offering her a range of treatments. The dermal filler treatment Dr Olha recommended lifted her sagging area around the cheek bones and added definition to her chin. As well as the aesthetic changes, this filler also replenishes the skins moisture and vitality levels leaving the patient with incredible results. This subtle and natural looking treatment gave Tanya the confidence she needed to start feeling good about her self.


A new outlook on life

After going through this challenging time and witnessing the lack of aftercare when going through such a trauma, Tanya wanted there to be a change. Feeling more confident and the best she’s felt about herself in years, she is now focusing on helping others that are going through similar situations through life coaching. She has the experience to understand what others are going through and show them the light at the end of the tunnel.


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