April is Rosacea awareness month and were here to raise awareness and provide information on what can be done to help manage and treat the condition.

 What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a common, long-term skin condition that largely affects the face. Rosacea presents itself in numerous forms such as persistent redness, visible blood vessels, large pores or small inflamed pus-filled spots.

The cause of Rosacea is unknown, it is thought that it can be hereditary, hormonal, affected by environment and stress. It usually affects women with a lighter skin tone, aged between 30-60 and unfortunately it is a condition that cannot be cured – it can however be managed and we can help with this.

How to manage Rosacea?

Rosacea is a condition that needs to be managed.

What skin care products can help manage Rosacea?

Introducing a skin care regiem using products that have active ingredients can help manage the condition. We recommend the following products to help manage the condition.

What skin treatments can help with Rosacea

Like many skin conditions treating the condition can help with its management. We provide a range of skin treatments that can help with Rosacea and when used along side good products can help your skin look and feel healthier.

Treatments that can help 

Rosacea Awareness Month offer

To help manage your skin for the whole of April we are offering 3 CPL treatments for £150.

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