Mesotherapy Treatment

The latest, innovative skin rejuvenation treatment

Mesotherapy is a technique designed to prevent premature ageing where vital vitamins, minerals and amino acids are injected into the skin, providing nourishment whilst stimulating our much-desired collagen and elastin! 


How long do mesotherapy results last?

Mesotherapy is generally delivered in a course of treatments with results lasting between 3-5 months. Top up treatments will be required to maintain the results, thereafter results tend to last longer.

How does mesotherapy work?

Small injections are delivered to the face which contains a combination of of vitamins, minerals and other components naturally found in the skin, such as hyaluronic acid. As we age, our bodies produce less of these vitamins which can result in dull and sagging skin. To restore skin to it’s former youthful glow mesotherapy delivers directly to the middle later of skin stimulating collagen and rejuvenating.

Are there any side effect with mesotherapy?

Following the procedure, there may be some slight tenderness and redness, however these symptoms will dissipate quickly. 

What does mesotherapy treatment improve?

Mesotherapy improves the following:







What is the aftercare for mesotherapy?

Following the procedure, we recommend that any vigorous activity or exercise is avoided for the first 24-48 hours. We also advise you to not touch the area treated after your appointment and to hold off applying makeup on the area 24 hours post procedure. Also avoid extensive amounts of sun or heat for 72 hours after.

How much is mesotherapy?

We’re pleased to say we’re offering an introductory offer of £100 for each mesotherapy session or 3 sessions for £250.You can view all of our pricing here.

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