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Please note all prices are a guide price and dependent on consultation, treatment, tier and area.

Tier 2 – Future Trainer Treatments carried out by a qualified medical aesthetic practitioner who is gaining further experience. We hope they will go on to join our team of expert trainers Tier 3 – Expert Practitioner These bespoke treatments are carried out by our expert trainers. Together with the expert you will be able to design a tailored treatment plan to suit your concerns

We offer a free consultation with one of our clinic team. At this appointment you will have time to fully discuss your concerns and expectations. A bespoke plan including initial treatment as well as on-going maintenance will be developed specific to your requirements. 

We firmly believe in achieving natural looking results in a safe, medical environment to help everyone feel and look the best they can.

A £50 deposit is required to book an appointment, this is refunded if either the practitioner deems you not suitable for treatment or if you decide not to proceed. 

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