Beautiful and life changing patient story

The world of aesthetics sure is a beautiful one! Although our amazing practitioners may not save lives in their everyday treatments, they sure can enhance the quality of patient’s lives through boosting their confidence….and that’s exactly what our incredible practitioner Dr Ohla was able to do for her beautiful patient Gill.

The fright of her life

When Gill woke up to a life altering fright years ago, with a drooping side of her face and severe pain she initially thought she’d suffered from a stroke. She could hardly recognise one side of her face as she referred to it as appearing like it was starting to melt. Petrified and concerned an anxious ridden Gill immediately called her GP, after numerous tests and weeks of anticipation the Doctor revealed she has Bells Palsy. A type of paralysis caused by damage to the facial nerves and a weakening of facial muscles, usually on one side of the face. The Doctor explained Bells Palsy often comes on suddenly and can affect any age group, although most people make a full recovery within months, the Doctor revealed at 48 it may take longer for Gill to recover. Gill noted the effects were so severe she struggled to shut one of her eyes and would frequently look sadly into the mirror.


Help is on hand

This was truly devasting as Gill was always a confident, happy-go-lucky person however felt vulnerable and quickly stopped going out as much as before. Months quickly turned into years and after decades of being unhappy with the side effects Bells Palsy had left Gill with, she reached out to our practitioner Dr Ohla in 2018. Clinical cases are often one of the many things Dr Ohla does best, and she quickly reassured Gill that she could help get her feeling her confident, life-and-soul of the party self again! Upon consultation Dr Ohla broke down the issues and solutions easily, ensuring Gill had a full understanding of how exactly the treatments will help ahead of each treatment. Dr Ohla used a variety of hyaluronic based and innovative fillers to enhance Gill’s skin quality, produce more collagen, balance out her facial symmetry and the volume loss. After 21 years of feeling insecure and like she’d never see her true self again, Gill was ecstatic to see Dr Ohla’s results. After looking in the mirror after the procedures, Gill was beaming and couldn’t keep the huge smile off her face, for the first time in two decades her smile was even again.


Tweakments to the rescue

Although unfortunately Gill’s Bells Palsy will never be fully cured, with a little help from a few ongoing tweakments and the expertise of Dr Ohla, the effects on her appearance will be kept to a minimum. Letting Gill’s confidence continue to skyrocket again! Gill now boasts she is so grateful for Dr Ohla for giving her her smile back, and we can see why with these fantastic results!


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