Autumn Skin Survival

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Autumn Skin Survival - Skincare Tips!

As the seasons change it is important that we also adapt our skin regimes to keep a healthy glow all year round. It is also a good opportunity within the colder months to introduce more invasive treatments as there is more time to recover, less sun! 

3 Things Your Skin Need in Autumn

1. Moisture!

The harsher climate and central heating can cause our skin to dry out in the winter, that is why we need to lock as much moisture as we can in. If you were using a lighter moisturiser in the summer months, now is the time to be looking at a thicker substance moisturiser to add a barrier to your skin and protect it. For a deeper penetration of moisture we would recommend a skin booster course, this treatment works by injecting a combination of hyaluronic acid and succinic acid which hydrates and stimulates the skin whilst awakening our own collagen and elastin production restoring a youthful glow.

2. Protection! 

Another necessity on our autumn skin survival is SPF. Many think SPF is just for Summer holidays but in fact, SPF should be used all year round, even when you cant see the sun! UV rays are always present, rain or shine, so it’s important that we are giving our skin the best chance at protection. 75% of skin ageing is due to sun exposure, by keeping SPF in our morning routines we can slow down the ageing process and also keep our skin safe from harmful diseases such as skin cancer.

3. Exfoliation! 

In the colder months we produce more oil along with dead skin, that combined with day to day dirt can cause the skin to look and feel duller. By introducing exfoliation this time of year it can help banish the dead skin cells and build up, leaving you with brighter, fresher and healthier looking skin. There are two different ways you could introduce exfoliation into your skin routine, by adding an at home exfoliator to your routine such as EYN Glow or booking for a course of chemical peels.

Autumn Aesthetic Treatments

This time of year is an ideal time for skin treatments as the sun exposure is lower so reduces the risk of post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation and allows the skin to recover. We recommended the following treatments for autumn skin survival:

Chemical Peels in the Autumn

Used to help address skin concerns such as pigmentation, ageing, acne, scarring and dull, dehydrated skin, the chemical skin peel penetrates deeper into the skins surface to the epidermis, deeply exfoliating. The skin peel works by removing the top layer of skin which in turn stimulates new cell growth resulting in fresher, brighter and clearer skin. You can find that skin is red after treatment and sore to touch, similar to sun burn. This sensation and appearance will start to calm down straight away and it is recommended that you apply SPF daily after treatment (if you are not already!) to help protect the skin, sun or not!

Skin Booster Season

As mentioned previously, this season is an ideal time to start introducing skin boosters into your treatment plan to help hydrate the skin. Skin boosters can also improve skin tone, rejuvenate the skin and promote firmness and elasticity. At The Cosmetic Centre we offer skin boosters such as ProfhiloRederm and Redensity, all clinically proven to hydrate and nourish the skin. For Profhilo patients should book two treatments with 4 weeks in between for optimum results with “top up” treatments scheduled 6 months after to prolong results.

For Rederm and Redensity treatments the procedure is recommended in a course of 6 to receive optimum results, with a 2 week space between each treatment.

Microneedling in Autumn

A great treatment for those who suffer from fine lines, acne scarring or pigmentation. One of the more invasive treatments, microneedling causes pin point bleeding to produce a ‘trauma’ to the skin. The ‘trauma’ encourages your skin to stimulate natural collagen to help ‘mend’ the area which will refresh and rejuvenate the appearance of your skin. This natural treatment can be used all over the face, the décolletage and the hands.

Laser Hair Removal

The colder months is also a prime to undergo laser hair removal. Those wishing to have laser hair removal must note that treatment cannot be carried out if the patient has been in direct sunlight (sunbathing) within 2 weeks of the treatment and if they have applied fake tan. Due to the lack of sun and the coldness in the air, patients tend to be more covered up and not sunbathing this of year. Due to these factors it makes it the perfect time to have laser hair removal as you do not need to be concerned about the guidelines around it. By undergoing the treatment this side of the year too it means by the time Spring and Summer come around you will be hair free! 

Not sure what you need?

Talk to our team today and book in for a consultation where we can bespoke your own Autumn skin survival plan, / 01844 335110.


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