Aqua Pure Our Brand New Treatment

New Treatment Alert! And It Might Just Be Our Best Yet…

We have some extremely exciting news!! Introducing our brand-new rejuvenating skincare treatment *drum roll please*…… Aqua Pure! Set to revolutionise the skincare world we’re bringing you the most elite facial treatment to date. And guess what, it’s arriving NEXT MONTH, that’s right, only one more month to go until you can experience skincare innovation at its finest. Want to get to know our new treatment on the block? Of course, you do!

We’re here to offer you the holy grail of skin maintenance treatments, with all your skincare concerns treated in one ground-breaking facial, what’s not to love? Lay back and relax while we transform your skin!

Introducing Aqua Pure Facial Treatments

Created by the aesthetic experts at Cluederm, with years of experience dedicated to bringing you the most contemporary treatments in the industry. With instant results, no downtime and being suitable for all skin types it’s easy to see why hydra facials are continuing to grow as one of the most sought after skin care regimes around the world!

The complete 6 step routine for youthful, clear and radiant skin:

Step 1: PEEL – Removes dead skin cells and other impurities exfoliates waste from the skin, keeping the skin clean and smooth.

Step 2: SEBO (Acne/break out prevention) – Removes excess sebum and dead skin cells Removes excess oil, blackheads and other impurities, maintaining moisture levels of the skin.

Step 3: REJUVENATE – Hydrates and nourishes the skin by infusing antioxidant-rich ingredients, nourishing and moisturizing the skin, leaving you with a rejuvenated complexion.

Step 4: ELECTROPORATION (Enhanced delivery of key active ingredients) – Provides an effective and direct route to the inner layers of the skin by transdermal motion.

Step 5: MICRO-CURRENT (For skin tightening & face slimming) – Boosts collagen and elastin regeneration by conducting low electrical currents to the skin and facial muscles.

Step 6: COOLING/HEATING – Relieves the skin of sensitivity as well as providing key lymphatic drainage to the skin

You can choose 3 specific steps to focus on one area of concern or experience all 6 steps!


What are Aqua Pure benefits?

  • Exfoliates and extracts to uncover a healthy and vibrant layer of skin through gentle exfoliation.
  • Infused with hydrating serums to rejuvenate, enhance the skin and increase firmness.
  • Feel instantly refreshed and hydrated.
  • Bespoke treatment plan for your skin
  • Increase your skins collagen and elasticity.
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles while enhancing the skins repair.

Do I need to prepare?

Before your Aqua Pure treatment all we require from you is to remove any make-up, so we have a clean surface to start the magic! There is absolutely no downtime needed with this treatment, you can even have it on your lunch break and return feeling and looking AMAZING! Ready to be showered with compliments on your glowing skin. It’s really that simple! Sounds like the best facial yet? We think so!

When will I see results?

For best results and flawless skin we recommend booking in every 4 weeks in line with your natural skin cycle, that way there’s no end to showing off your glowing skin for all to see. Results are immediate and they don’t slow down! You’ll reap the rewards for days and weeks after, as you’re working towards a healthier skin lifestyle.

Treatment plan tailored to you

Our incredible treatment plans suit all ages, skin types and budgets, letting you have the treatment your skin needs all year long. Opting into our easy monthly payments mean you can SAVE LOTS more!


3 step (30 mins)

Peel, cleanse and rejuvenate


3 step monthly plan £65 per month

Full works

6 step (60 mins)

Peel, cleanse, rejuvenate, nourish and tighten


6 step monthly plan £135 per month


Pay upfront 12 month subscription

3 step £600 per year (save £300!)


Heard enough? Let’s get you booked in!

The beauty with this treatment is it can be preciously tailored to you, your skin concerns, your available time, and budget. Sounds great right? Book me in!

We’re taking bookings now, Aqua Pure is available from 17th May!

Simply call us on 01844 335110

Or email us at


We can’t wait to hear from you and transform your skin!


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