April is Rosacea awareness month and were here to raise awareness and provide information on what can be done to help manage and treat the condition.

 What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a common, long-term skin condition that largely affects the face. Rosacea presents itself in numerous forms such as persistent redness, visible blood vessels, large pores or small inflamed pus-filled spots.

The cause of Rosacea is unknown, it is thought that it can be hereditary, hormonal, affected by environment and stress. It usually affects women with a lighter skin tone, aged between 30-60 and unfortunately it is a condition that cannot be cured – it can however be managed and we can help with this.

How to manage Rosacea?

Rosacea is a condition that needs to be managed.

  • Find out what triggers your Rosacea to flare, it could be spicy food, sun exposure, caffeine, alcohol and try to avoid or limit them
  • Protect your face everyday with SPF50
  • Treat your skin gently, use a gentle cleanser with tepid water, avoid harsh products and rubbing of the affected area
  • Introduce a skin care regiem, this will help provide your skin with the ingredients required to manage the condition

What skin care products can help manage Rosacea?

Introducing a skin care regiem using products that have active ingredients can help manage the condition. We recommend the following products to help manage the condition.

  • Use a vitamin C serum – this will help to strengthen your blood vessels, causing less noticeable redness, and will also help to reduce general redness on the skin.
    • At our clinic, we have our peak-strength EYN C20 vitamin c serum of 20%. We recommend using this product every morning after cleansing.
  • Use a physical SPF50 – this is important in order to protect your skin from extreme temperatures.
    • For rosacea, a Heliocare SPF50 would be the best option. It is a physical sunscreen therefore a good choice for someone with sensitive skin. We also offer tinted heliocare sunscreen in both light and brown, therefore this can be used to protect your skin as well as help to cover some redness.
  • Epionce Medical Barrier Cream
    • This is an effective cream designed to heal and restore a weakened and damaged epidermal barrier that is often associated with rosacea.
    • This cream can be used as often as needed.
    • Helps to form a protective layer over the surface of the skin to prevent potential irritants from triggering the skin to flare.

What skin treatments can help with Rosacea

Like many skin conditions treating the condition can help with its management. We provide a range of skin treatments that can help with Rosacea and when used along side good products can help your skin look and feel healthier.

Treatments that can help 

  • CPL
    • This is a calibrated pulsed light therapy treatment that uses CPL technology to target the general redness and thread veins of Rosacea
    • We recommend a course of 3-6 treatments, roughly 3 weeks apart.
  • Electrolysis
    • This is a great treatment for targeting individual, stubborn thread veins left behind after CPL treatment
  • Chemical Skin Peel
    • We provide 2 types of chemical skin peels, the Epionce Lite Refresh peel and the Corrective Peel. Both peels use Salicylic acid which is an anti-inflammatory that will help to reduce the redness and Malic acid which will help to reduce the surface bacteria of the skin. After having a skin peel, we recommend the Epionce Essential Recovery Kit. This kit includes products that are very calming on the skin that will help to reduce the redness. The products include:
      • Milky Lotion Cleanser: Helps to calm redness and dry texture, the hydrating ingredients help to improve the skin’s protective barrier and prevents further moisture loss. Effective for sensitive skin types. This can be used morning and evening.
    • Renewal Calming Cream: Helps to reduce symptoms of itching and redness while working to repair and hydrate a dry, sensitive skin.
    • Enriched Firming Mask: Helps to visibly reduce redness and cool the skin
    • Priming Oil: Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce redness and calm the skin. It also helps to take the ‘sting’ out of the

Rosacea Awareness Month offer

To help manage your skin for the whole of April we are offering 3 CPL treatments for £150.

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