Say Hello To Our Ultra-Firming Neck Cream

Say hello to our ultra-firming neck cream

Introducing our brand-new neck firming cream! We’re super excited to welcome our latest edition, to our very own skincare range EYN. Available for all patients and delegates at our clinic. This product has been developed using key ingredients to answer all your neck firming prayers.

Everything you need to lift, hydrate and boost collagen around your neck.

Our neck cream has been specially designed for everyday use in mind with a range of ingredients specially selected to target the neck area, keeping skin looking youthful.

Our key firming ingredients to keep skin youthful

Glycolic acid – helps to gently remove the outer layer of dead skin and increase the speed of cell turnover which decreases with age. All this without harsh exfoliating achieves fresher cells to the surface and encourages plump, bright, firm skin.

Citric acid – correct! It’s found in citrus like lemons, limes, oranges. Citric acid is a hydrating hero, which reduces the appearance of fine-lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. Often keeping signs of aging and dark spots at bay.

Peptides – are naturally occurring in your skin. Increasing the amount of peptides can help rejuvenate, firm and lock in hydration. Not only this, but peptides are a great skin barrier to defend your skin from everyday ultraviolet rays, pollution, and bacteria.

Our Exclusive November Neck Offer

We’re pleased to offer an exclusive November Neck offer for optimal results. Throughout November you can purchase our EYN neck cream and either a course of Profhilo, Rederm, Redensity or PRP for £545. Saving you over £100! You can find out more information on our treatments here

Alternatively you can pick up a bottle for instant hydration from one of our clinics for £49 or order online here


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