Obagi 8 Week Treatment Transformation

We are excited to now offer a whole range of Obagi treatments to our patients!

Obaji treatment has an impressive client list packed full of all your favourite celebrity VIP’s who like you are achieving flawless results from this award-winning skincare

The world-renowned Obagi Nu Derm includes 7 high-quality products tailored to your skin to achieve phenomenal results in just a matter of weeks

Obagi is clinically proven skincare which works at a cellular to improve visible signs of aging, pigmentation and acne.

Those using Obagi notice dramatic improvements for the following:

  • Diminishes age spots
  • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
  • Increases skin elasticity
  • Reduces the signs of aging
  • Improves rough skin
  • Reduces redness of the skin
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation & discolouration
  • Improves dull complexion
  • Diminishes acne scars

The 8 Week Transformation

The power of a good skin care regime can achieve life changing results from reducing the signs of ageing to pigmentation, Obagi products have been made by experts to target your skin needs.

What can I expect?

You can expect 4 main stages as you undergo your transformation

Initial phase – the damaged top layer of skin is replaced by a new layer of fresh, healthy skin cells. This process takes approximately 6 weeks.

Stimulation Phase – within 6 to 12 weeks you begin to notice significant improvements in your skin. New skin cells continue reaching the surface and the production of collagen and elastin increases.
Healthy Glow – Within 12 to 18 weeks your friends will begin to notice your skin. Your skin will look and act younger and healthier. Your skin will be smoother, hydrated, and youthful.
Maintenance –To keep your skin looking and acting younger and healthier, you will want to continue to use the Obagi Nu-Derm System to maintain the improved results you have achieved.

We want to focus on a healthy, happier skincare future for you. That’s why we’re exclusively offering a 12-week course of treatment for £500, saving £100 all through November 

Contact us today on 01844 390110 / info@thecosmeticcentre.co.uk to book your virtual skin consultation to be matched to your 8 week transformation skincare routine! 


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