Combat signs of Aging from home: Our Anti-Aging guide

Combat signs of Aging from home


What is Aging?

Skin ageing is a natural degenerative process caused by intrinsic and extrinsic factors. UV exposure is one of the quickest forms of skin ageing as it damages the collagen and elastin in your skin. Smoking and poor lifestyle choices can also play a large part in this.


When does Aging occur?

The ageing process accelerates at the age of 25! It has the most obvious/noticeable effect of skin during menopause for women (approx. around 30% of collagen is lost during this stage). During menopause the estrogen levels decline, and your cell turnover slows down so the skin starts to loose volume, elasticity and wrinkles form.


Things to remember

  • Collagen and elastin are found within the deeper layers of the skin and help to keep the skin looking firm and tight
  • During skin ageing the skin often changes in characteristics. Tends to be dryer, may show signs of pigmentation and rosacea, thinning skin
  • Hydration is key to make the skin look fresher and less dull
  • If you have to reapply moisturizer throughout the day because skin feels dry then the wrong product is being used
  • Pigmentation should also be addressed


Key ingredients to look for in products

Retinol – vitamin a which increases cell turnover, stimulates collagen and elastin which helps to improve fine lines and hydration. Also helps with pigmentation. Not suitable for sensitive skins and should be introduced gradually to build skins tolerance

Vitamin c – L ascorbic acid is an antioxidant which helps to repair the skin and protect it from harmful free radicals. Also helps to calm the skin and main benefit is that it improves pigmentation


Anti-Aging products to combat wrinkles

Morning products to introduce for Anti-Ageing…

  • EYN h2o
  • EYN Vitamin c and protect

Evening products to introduce for Anti-Ageing…

  • EYN h2o
  • If want to introduce retinol R night cream (maybe alternate nights with this and h20 to start with)
  • If used to active products then retinol 1% R+

We have a wide range of products for you, and our friendly team are happy to assist to find the right product for you, giving your skin exactly what it needs to glow!

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