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N Lite Acne Treatment

What you need to know about n lite acne treatments

The N-lite laser is not quite a household name yet, so we like to think of it as being a top-secret treatment to improve the skin. The Nlite is a laser that is also known in the industry as Regenlite, it is a visible yellow light laser that mimics the damage in the skin that stimulates the skin’s natural response to healing.


It predominantly focuses on reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and treating general signs of ageing. It soon became apparent to practitioners that the treatment was also hugely effective in reducing active acne breakouts in patients who were having treatment at the time. Now the N-lite laser is known as one of the only treatments on the market that can successfully reduce and control active acne.  

Our N Lite Laser Treatments Are Carried Out In Our London Clinic

What Does N Lite Skin Laser Treat And How Does It Work?

With the N Lite laser, we can treat the face, chest, and abdomen on patients suffering from acne in these areas. The N-lite laser can also be used to heal the skin, for example, fairly new scars, or skin conditions such as Rosacea and Acne. The laser also allows the practitioner to treat other various concerns such as general skin rejuvenation and vascular veins. 

We typically suggest a chemical peel first to remove any dead skin cells on the skin. It’s important to exfoliate the skin before this treatment to remove those dead skin cells, as it can create a barrier that will then reduce the level of absorption of the light into the skin which may affect the results. 


This is a quick and simple treatment, and your appointment should be no longer than 45 minutes. In terms of results, these vary on the severity of your acne, but typically results can be seen from just 1 treatment.

Side Effects

Typically there are no side-effects from this treatment. Other than potential light redness which should last no longer than a few hours.


We advise to avoid smoking on the day of treatment, and up to 48 hours post-treatment as smoking can reduce the effects of your treatment. 

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