Thin Lips

Causes Of Thin lips

Unlike most cosmetic imperfections, there isn’t an actual cause in particular for thin lips. The size of your lips is mainly down to genetics, especially when you’re younger. One thing to note about lip size however is, that as you age you may start to notice that even if you have naturally full lips, they may begin to lose shape and become thinner. 

Just like many other conditions, features can be altered by ageing. Just like your skin, as your body ages its collagen and elastin production slows. And although your lips are not necessarily ‘skin’ as such, they still need collagen and elastin to remain firm, lifted and plump. So you may notice that as well as your lips, the corners of your lips begin to sag. Your lips thinning can be worsened by particular lifestyle habits such as smoking, or not using lip balm/protection from the sun frequently.

We use juvederm medical grade filler to treat thin lips

Treatments for thin lips

The primary treatment for thin lips is lip filler. This involves using dermal fillers via a very thin needle or cannula to inject small amounts of filler into the lips to give an immediate plumping, volume lift. You will notice the effects of lip filler instantly, although it can be hard to see the results straight away due to redness, swelling and potential bruising.


Lip filler does have a minimal downtime of 2-3 days to see the final shape and effect, after this time you should no longer be bruised or swollen from the procedure. It’s important to note that lip filler does not change the shape of your lips, but only adds volume and plumping, and they may look bigger. Lip filler can be administered via injections, or using a cannula. Cannula is normally the desired option as it spreads the filler out in a layer, making it more even and easier for the clinician to control. It is also typically more pain-free when injected using a cannula, but this is something you can discuss at your consultation with your clinician. 


This treatment takes around 30 minutes to complete and lasts anywhere from 6 months to a year but this varies case-by-case.

Side Effects

You may have slight redness and bruising after lip filler, although this should resolve within 24-48 hours.


Reduce sport, also try not to touch the treated are or apply any makeup to the area.

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