Aesthetic Doctor

Graduating as a doctor from St. George’s, London and with a BSc (hons) from King’s College, Dr Vishnu Nathan has continued his training as a surgeon in facial aesthetics and microsurgery, in centres of excellence in London, Los Angeles and Europe. 

In addition to 5 years of experience from leading hospitals and renowned clinics, as well as developing his own loyal clientele, Dr Nathan’s current studies in Dental Surgery at King’s College have enabled him to adopt a unique approach to surgery. With an in-depth understanding of facial anatomy as well as expertise on the relationship between facial and smile aesthetics, he is able to deliver natural, yet noticeable aesthetic outcomes.

Dr Nathan is passionate about education and mentoring, constantly furthering his own knowledge, but also that of other medical professionals. He strives to instil his own multidisciplinary approach to facial aesthetics in all his trainees, providing each with the knowledge, understanding and tools necessary to thrive within the industry. He endeavours to guide and support his trainees to transition into successful colleagues, encouraging each to confidently deliver a safe and bespoke outcome, through his patient, adaptable approach.

Instagram: @drvishnunathan

Facebook: @drvishnunathan

As well as The Cosmetic Centre, Dr Nathan trains at: