Banish your skin concerns with our contemporary and powerful CPL treatment.

Are your usual skincare rituals not having the desired affect you’re after? Fear not as CPL is the treatment for you! Our innovative technology is designed to improve a variety of skin concerns in a non-invasive and effective way, the results? Clearer, brighter, rejuvenated skin.


What is it?

Calibrated Pulsed Light, CPL, is a new wave of skin rejuvenation with the latest technology of IPL, using light to treat a range of skin concerns and general skin wellbeing. A powerful wavelength is pulsed into the skin which stimulates the deeper skin layers, with results of healthier, smoother skin. These wavelengths are delivered to the skin at a sensationally fast speed to ensure efficiency. Many of us have tried a number of lotions and potions to banish skin concerns but none quite have the same power of CPL!


What does CPL treat?



Sun spots/liver spots

Acne scarring

Fine lines & wrinkles

Uneven/textured complexion


Large pores

Increases collagen


Important parts to remember

It’s crucial to remember you must have a full consultation and a Patch Test done 48 hours before the first treatment. All patients will need to be over the age of 18 for this treatment. Our specialists will usually recommend a course of treatments for maximum results. Our laser machine and therapists can cater for skin types from Fitzpatrick I to III for CPL and higher skin types for hair reduction treatments. You must avoid sun exposure and fake tan around your appointment times.


Is it painful?

Each patient is different with their laser experiences, some say its painless and others experience a tiny amount of pain. The sensation can be likened to short stings, as the treatment is performed at a fast-paced discomfort is kept to minimum. At The Cosmetic Centre we use the latest machinery to ensure comfort and optimum results.


How many should I have?

Results can be seen immediately but we do recommend a course of treatments for optimum results, with maintenance “top ups”. Our professional experts can create a bespoke plan with you to ensure your CPL achieves the desired results.


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